Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Very Colombian Thanksgiving

Seasons greetings everyone!

Actually, it's been feeling very festive here with the holidays for some time. Even before Halloween (which is marginally celebrated here) the stores were putting up Christmas displays. I know it's bad in the States but I feel that the beginning of October is still a little early to be seeing Santa and garlands in the store...even by U.S. standards. Since there is no Thanksgiving here (duh) black and orange segue right into green and red and so it has been for awhile. Actually, I'm pretty sure I saw a Christmas clearance sale last weekend. No joke.

BUT! Thanksgiving has not truely passed us yet and, since we are an American International school, the Colegio Bolivar community hosted a lavish Thanksgiving dinner in the cafeteria, turning it into an outdoor banquet hall, for all the faculty, Colombian and all!

In the spirit of the season (and the blaringly obvious oversight of no stuffing at Thanksgiving dinner) I have compiled a brief list of the things I am now even more thankful for that I don't have.

#1) stuffing
#2) corn bread (not this arraypa stuff that is, yes, made of corn but tastes like compact styrofoam with flour)
#3) English muffins
#4) country music on the radio
#5) my FRIENDS DVD's (big mistake not packing those!)
#6) crunching leaves
#7) pumpkin pie (only because I didn't get a piece)
#8) McDonald's (yes, I said it...let's never speak of this again)
#9) Reece's peanut butter cups
#10) Reece's peanut butter cup McFlurries at McDonald's

...okay, someone stop me!
I'm leaving today after school for what should turn out to be a very eventful four day weekend. I know the stories have been lacking as of late, so I hope to up the ante a little. Juanchaco here I come!

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving everyone!!!!


~Lynn~ said...

Stetson, you miss McDonald's of all things? Goodness, I may think about removing you from my friends...and to think all those days you spent telling your 9th graders that McDonald's was the devil...

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