Monday, March 2, 2009

Lost & Found

Occasionally I wonder, as I type these entries, if anyone actually reads them. If they don't it's no big deal - I like writing little vignettes about my life here for my own recollections and record keeping as well as a means to keep family and friends informed and to serve as entertainment from time to time.

Yesterday at our second technical rehearsal and subsequent preview performance for the musical (to be discussed later), a couple of the seniors notified me that they had stumbled upon my blog after Googling information about the Copa de la Amistad. I was surprised that the blog ranked so high on Google's list to warrant being found in the first place. I also freaked out in my head hoping that, in my naïvety of the first few months in Colombia, I hadn't written anything that wasn't entirely factually accurate. Or worse...offensive!

After a mental inventory, and half an hour re-reading past blogs late at night, I'm okay with the idea that random people stumble upon my musings. After all, I kind of have to be since I'm not technologically savvy enough to put a filter on this thing!


jsmarslender said...

I sometimes think the same. All the writing books I've read say: don't pay attention to the editor or the parents trying to censor your work. What about the in-laws?

ACon said...

I read!