Monday, April 30, 2012

Its A Bird, Its A Plane!

No, Its Basuraman!
This week my Pre-AP Biology students finished launching their school-wide recycle-awareness campaign aimed at getting people to think about where they dispose of their paper waste.  This project has been nearly all student-driven and executed; after assigning various roles and leadership, they conducted their own update meetings, sent status emails to the group, and set and maintained their own due dates.  Other than some occasional red-tape cutting and suggestionary interjections, they carried this entire project.

What began as a critical look at our school's own recycle system after a visit to a local eco-community, the class held a panel interview with the high school principal and head of maintenance ultimately deciding that the system did not necessarily need to be changed, just educate people to how it true should function.

Thus was borne the Basuraman campaign.  Making a surprise first appearance during a lunch period calling out to the entire cafeteria from the balcony above to "be super like me" and recycle, to anticipatory "Basuraman says..." announcements in the daily memo, to finally presenting a propaganda video at three separate assemblies, the campaign was successful in its initiation.  In the end we have the support of the administration, giant "Basuraman posters around campus, and teachers have posted specialized signs on or near paper recycle bins in their classrooms asking people to "Think...Recycle."

Basuraman asks students and teachers to "THINK" at a Primary assembly.

But will people remember to "think" after the current school year ends?  Like all superheroes, Basuraman has a weakness too, only his will be time.


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