Friday, June 22, 2012

The Places You Will Be From

Back when I was in high school, a little band from Minneapolis, Semisonic, had a bit of radio success with a little tune called "Closing Time," a meandering and nostalgic alt-rock song about a bar at the end of the night.  During the chorus they sing
"every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end"
As excited as I am about the amazing opportunities coming in my move to Campinas, Brazil, in a few short weeks, it doesn't make the ending of my amazing experience in Colombia any easier.  Five years in one place is a long time.  Living in Cali now ties living in Eau Claire in longevity for places I've called home in my adult life; if leaving "EC" was a difficult transition, this has been downright heart-wrenching.

I've made a life and home here in Cali and this city, this country, my school, and all the people along the way will be a special part of my life.  As they say, "Colombia es pasión" and I've been feeling a lot of it lately...

First up, graduation of my second group here.
It was a very bittersweet day; I may have cried six a few times this day.
Congratulations, Class of 2012!!!

I am definitely going to miss a lot of these guys.

Science Department "despedida" (farewell) party.
I've been fortunate to work with so many talented and intelligent
colleagues over the years.  

One of the best 11th grade Pre-AP Biology classes I have ever had.
On the last day of classes they threw a little surprise goodbye party.
(The placement of the tree in this picture may have been a
mistake in hindsight...)

Two of my favorite ladies at work; it makes me
physically ill to think about not seeing Juliana
and Moraima every day and to work on another
show together. 

And of course I can't forget my ninth graders this year...
...they're just so...
...special.  (Which is why I love them, obviously!)

The pictures projected at the Ceremonia de reconocimiento
(Recognition Ceremony) for my five-year anniversary.
My five-year pin.
I took a picture so when it inevitably gets lost I will remember that I had it. 
Parting gift: A personalized ceramic chiva bus. 
Chiva-bus picture with the man who hired me over five years ago on a
frigid February day in Waterloo, Iowa.

Oh, and there was that time my former students
threw a "despedida" for a bar.
Reason # I-don't-know thousand why I will miss this place...

Also, in the same song, Semisonic sings "time for you to out to the places you will be from."  This means two things to me: Brazil is waiting and, although I am not Colombian, you can bet if they make it to the World Cup in 2014 in Brazil, I'll be cheering proudly!

Hasta luego, Colombia...te extrañaré.
Siempre estás en mi corazón.


~Lynn~ said...

Wow, so exciting, Stetson!!!! Congrats on your move to Brazil - I can't believe it's been five years since you picked up and moved very courageously to Colombia. We'll be hopefully visiting you in Brazil in the near future!

Ann Ann said...
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Ann Ann said...
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Ann Ann said...

I mean I leaf through the news and come across here this - I never laughed long and I think if you consider everything that happens for yourself, too, can not resist. This is a very comical situation, but that's life and who does not know other way))

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